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Dubai real estate investments

Dubai real estate investments.

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt). Real estate, for many years, has been considered as on the safest investments. But what makes it one of the best among others?

What are investments? 

Before deciding what to invest your money in – it is important to understand what investments mean and how this whole experience of real estate investments can benefit you. According to investopedia – Investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will later be sold at a higher price for a profit.

As we can see, in all cases investment called upon investor’s benefit.

So now, after we know the benefit of investments – we should make a decision of what to invest in. The best investment is real estate investments and one of the best cities for real estate investments is Dubai.

Dubai – heaven of real estate investments. 

Why to invest in Dubai real estate? Because Dubai real estate investments will guarantee high return on investments, comparing to other big cities like London, New York or Hong Kong. You can choose different types of real estate investments – invest in a ready unit or off plan project. Due to upcoming Expo2020 Dubai real estate market develops and replenishes with new projects. What is more – there is a number of other factors which can help you in choosing Dubai as your real estate investments, such as one of the safest cities, developed economy, safe investments, no taxes on real estate, residency visa, affordable prices. These are the main factors which attracts thousands of investors to Dubai. Dubai is a land of opportunities where real estate investments becomes not just investments in property but investment in the future – future development, growth and wealth. So what else can be better than this? Invest in your future with one of the best property advisors, in Dubai – Universal Prime Real Estate.

For more information – contact us at 04 277 8034.

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Now everyone can invest in Dubai real estate!

New Dubai off plan project.

What are real estate investments? It may seem confusing, difficult and as something that consumes a lot of time. Nevertheless, the whole process can be easier if the client knows what project to invest into and economical side of the country. Recently, Dubai became more attractive for investors mainly due to its economy development, overall development of the city and launch of numerous real estate projects. One of them is Bella Rose project, by Deyaar developer.

Why Bella Rose project?

I guess the first questions that appeared in your mind were: “Why should I invest in Bella Rose project”? “What makes Bella Rose project different comparing to other off plan projects in Dubai”? The answer is simple – affordability. This is one of the few projects, in Dubai real estate market, which offers extremely easy and affordable payment plan affordable for everyone. As Dubai real estate market shifts to more low cost options when it comes to clients, Bella Rose project comes first, when you think of cost-effective unit and quality.

Bella Rose project differs from others by its payment plan, where you can book a unit with AED 10,000 and continue paying AED 3,750 monthly until the apartment is fully yours. What else can be attractive for investors is the location of the project – Dubai Science park. Dubai Science park is planned to become one of the main hubs oh heath by concentrating one of the most developed and modern clinics, hospitals and laboratories. What is more, together with hospitals a number of top schools are located in this area. Perfect house within a perfect community – what else can be better, than Bella Rose project?

Main advantages of Bella Rose project.

What is the main attraction of the project, apart from the payment plan and location – its amenities. Whether you are planning to live with a family, or alone, Bella Rose project has a lot to offer when it comes to featured. Whether you prefer passive or more active time spend – Bella Rose project has all you need, from a state-of-the-art gymnasium, table tennis court, health club, mini golf and a half basketball court, for fitness and sports enthusiasts alike. The infinity pool at the podium level complete with a dry and wet sundeck, overlooks the public gardens surrounding the property.

Bella Rose project has everything your soul can ask for. Still not sure whether to invest in this project or not – contact Universal Prime Real Estate at 04 277 8034 or drop us an email at and let our property consultants contact you.

Let’s work on your dream house together!

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How to keep Dubai apartment cold during summer?

What is summer? According to Wikipedia, summer is the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February. But when it comes to Dubai temperature and Dubai apartment – the whole different scenario applies. According to the calendar, summer months in Dubai are May-August. Nevertheless, at times it is difficult to differentiate when the summer season has started already as the temperature does not change much (in between spring and summer).

Image Source:

Summer madness 

Together with the temperature increasement the temperature inside Dubai apartment increases as well. Correspondingly, people start using AC more and more…to the degree when they leave it on 24/7. So what can be done, in order to keep Dubai apartment cold when you don’t want to use AC much? There are some secrets which Universal Prime is ready to share with you.

Whether you’re living in an apartment, villa or townhouse in Dubai, it is essential for you to know some simple tips you can do to make your home summer proof which helps cut down your utility bills.

Image Source:

Summer tips 

In order to keep Dubai apartment cold throughout hot summer you should follow these tips and make it a habit. First of all, start with keeping your curtains closed. It will keep the area cooler. Another alternative to curtains is bamboo blinds. They block outdoor heat and can keep Dubai apartment cool.

  1. If you don’t want to make such drastic changes to your interior – invest in windows. It can be the right timer to get window tint as it reflects sunlight and keeps Dubai apartment cooler at a lower cost.
    Image Source:


  2. Instead of the AC try using ceiling or air fan. It will keep air circulating 24/7, plus cool the air down and make the area more pleasant for time spending.
    Image Source:


  3. If you can’t imagine your life without the AC – make sure it is clean and has minimum dust inside. Do regular cleaning of the AC filters, at least every month, to make sure it works properly and cools down the air using its 100% capacity.
    Image Source:


  4. Change your bed sheets daily. It will bring some freshness and feeling of coldness into your night.
    Image Source:


  5. Apply a sealant or weatherproofing device, for your Dubai apartment, around all doors and windows to keep the chilled air inside the apartment.
    Image Source:


  6. Unplug all devices, if not in use. It is known that any plugged-in device radiates a certain amount of energy. Get into the habit of unplugging anything that’s not needed.

    Image Source:


Our Dubai apartment is the place where we spend majority of our time. That is why it is important to make sure that we are comfortable and chilled, being at home. Follow our tips on how to make Dubai apartment cold, during summer, and we will make sure that this summer is the coolest you ever had.

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Why to choose Universal Prime Real Estate Agency as a real estate service provider? 

When we think of a real estate agency the first thing that comes to our mind – properties for rent and sale. On this note real estate agency services are completed. Maybe it was like this before but now, with time, people started demanding for more related to the industry services. With time companies and many real estate agencies started adjusting to the demand and provide more related services to their clients.

When it comes to real estate agency – many services have been added in order to simplify customer’s life. Now, when working with majority of real estate agencies – looking for a property to rent (in particular) you can get help in moving into a new apartment such as moving service, legal consultation regarding any real estate related issue or document, or even receive latest real estate report as per your requirement.

Range of services

All of this became possible only as demand created supply. That was one of the main reasons why Universal Prime Real Estate agency decided to expand the range of services and offer something new to the client. Among usual services such as rent and sale Universal Prime Real Estate agency offers a range of other related to real estate services, such as: legal consultation, property advisory, moving services, providing reports on Dubai real estate industry, etc.

Why we are different? 

Apart from implementing operational changes and bringing more services for the client, Universal Prime Real Estate agency team didn’t stop caring about each client individually. It happens, usually, that once a real estate agency grows and starts having more and more clients they stop taking care of each client individually, providing good services, and go for quantity rather than quality. In this battle Universal Prime Real Estate agency won as together with gaining more clients, over the time, our team didn’t stop providing enough attention to each and every client individually.

Once you become a client of Universal Prime Real Estate agency, our dedicated team will guide you from A to Z. Whether you need additional consultation, information on real estate market or friendly advice – our property advisors and property management team will always be there to answer all your question.

If you have any real estate related issue or question – contact Universal Prime Real Estate agency.

Real estate can be easy ?


Contact us at 04 277 8034, or drop us an email at

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One of the best off-plan projects, in Dubai

Dubai is the land of opportunities and place where dreams and the bravest ideas come true. Dubai has everything you can only imagine – from the world’s tallest building to the longest outdoor ski slope.

The number of tourists who would like to see famous Dubai landmarks increases every year. According to the latest updates Dubai welcomed a total of 15.79 million visitors last year. Some of them preferred to stay in Dubai and invested in real estate market. As a result, AED 18 billion investments has been made into Dubai real estate market, in particular.

When it comes to real estate investments the end goal can be different for investors and end users, nevertheless, the process of choosing a property is the same. Main criteria are:

  • Return on investments (ROI);
  • Location;
  • Developer;
  • Price;
  • Economic situation of the country you are investing in.

Ideal Property 

Answering these questions will make you choose your dream property easier and faster. So what kind of property will be ideal for you?! Good location, easy access to main roads and landmarks, well-developed community, etc. All these factors are present in Riviera project. Riviera project answers all new trends, design, and people’s needs as a luxurious and comfortable house. So what is so special about Riviera project and what makes it one of the best in Dubai?

First of all, its location. Riviera project is located in the very heart of Dubai with the easy access to all main roads and landmarks. Community, where Riviera project is located in, can be considered as a city within a city. Mohammed Bin Rashid City (in which Riviera project is located) has its own biggest mall in the world, biggest airport in the world, its own crystal lagoon and many other places where you can spend your weekend or weekday with pleasure. Riviera project surrounded by lots of greenery, has kid’s playground, outdoor cinema, one of the longest running track and many other facilities which make it a perfect home.

Key Numbers 

To understand this project better, lets take a look at some key numbers of Riviera project.

Riviera project consists of 35 buildings, in total where many of them are located next to the water canal. While you are at home you can enjoy fantastic canal view from your balcony. Nevertheless, when it feels like grasping fresh air – enjoy movie night in outdoor cinema or have a boat trip along Crystal Lagoon.

What makes Riviera project more attractive is not only top community lifestyle, but opportunity to increase your income through high ROI. If you are an investor and looking only at projects as an investment opportunity – Riviera is the right project to invest in. Perfect location and the fact that Riviera project is a part of MBR City makes it a plum for investors.  If you are an investor and looking for a safe and secure country with good economy, for a place that can be a perfect destination for single people or families, for a great community and excellent project with high ROI – Riviera project is the answer for all your requirements.

Start building your future now, with Universal Prime Real Estate. Invest with Universal Prime Real Estate and get high return on investments up to 15%.


Contact us at 04 277 8034 or send us your inquiry on

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Dubai off plan project as an investment

The best investment on earth is real estate. Many people can plan their investments for some time, picture their new house, but when it comes to actual investments they hesitate and don’t know whether to go for the ready unit or off plan project. For some people it can be a very difficult decision. To buy ready unit is easier as you can see and touch what you are paying for, but when it comes to long term investments it is like getting a cat in a bag. So what is the difference?

Ready Unit 

Ready unit is a property that has already been build and ready for people to move in. This unit can be furnished or unfurnished – depending on the developer. What can be better than having a ready house to move in with everything you need? But having a house is not the only thing people are thinking while investing into real estate. Return on investments plays not less important part than the view and location of the ready unit. Once you made an investment in real estate – you are thinking on how soon you can get return on your investments. One of the main downsides on investing in ready unit is that you will get small return on investments, comparing to off plan investments. Investment in ready unit is inherent for end users.


Off Plan 

When we are talking about an off plan property we imagine construction process on some stage and development of the nearby area or community. When investing in off-plan expect higher return on investments (ROI), comparing to the ready unit. What is more, you can resell your property once it is ready or even when it is still under construction and get profit. Off plan investments is for investors.

Image source: Off Plan Property in Dubai

Benefits of investing in off plan 

If your main goal is profit, while investing into real estate market, off plan investment is the right decision for you. In order not to have any doubts and confusions between whether you should invest in ready unit or off plan project – it is important to know how you will benefit from an off plan investments.

  1. Dubai laws and regulations

Dubai Land Department (DLD) and Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) handles every property issues. The fact that your property and your rights are secured and supported by the governments gives more credits towards off plan. RERA and DLD have implemented strict rules and regulations to protect the rights of investors.

Image source:
  1. Price

If you compare off plan unit price and the price of a ready unit (even from the same developer and similar layout) you will see quite significant difference. Off plan units have a lot lower prices, in contrast to ready units which makes it easier to choose. What is more, easy payment plans can make you an owner of an off plan unit only by paying 5% of the total amount. Some developers offer even 1% down payment.

  1. ROI

If you are thinking of a real estate as an investment – off plan is definitely should be your decision. Once off plan project is completed – prices of units go up. Some areas can offer even 10% – 12% ROI. Once you have a ready unit you can sell it and obtain quite imposing sum of money. Off plan is a long-term investment that will definitely result in profit.

Image source:

Now when you have an idea and main difference between ready unit and off plan investment – it will be easier to make the right decision.


If you want to know more about latest Dubai real estate projects, about investment opportunities and Dubai real estate opportunities – contact Universal Prime Real Estate at 04 277 8034.


Universal Prime – A tradition of trust.


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How to transform your apartment into buyer’s dream?

One of the main goals of every property owner is to sell apartment for the best price and as in the shortest period of time as possible. In order to achieve aimed goal property owners try to get a consultation of property advisors and advertise their property, but all these efforts can bring not very fast results, if you want to sell apartment, urgently.

What are you trying to sell? 

The main reason is that property owners, while trying to sell apartment, concentrating more on the outside marketing and selling controls, forgetting the main point – they are trying to sell apartment, not location, or developer. To take care of the property and make sure that it looks attractive to a buyer is the key. No matter what you do, a great product will definitely find its buyer. So what are those points or implementations that can be done in order to make your property look like a palace and sell apartment fast?

Smart home features. Learning Thermostat. 

So how can a regular apartment be improved and transformed from “We will check other apartments as well”, into “What are the payment details? We want to buy this property”. The answer is simple – make this apartment your own home so that you would love to spend time there. This is the most important rule but not the only one. Smart home features will make your apartment a buyer’s dream. What can be used as smart home features?

Learning thermostat can be controlled by a smartphone, adjust to the owner’s daily routine and change apartment’s temperature accordingly. It can also sense whether there is someone at home or not and use less energy while no one is at home. The feature can really make a buyer’s ears perk up because in addition to its novelty, it could also save serious amount of money. It can lower an owner’s DEWA bills by up to 20%.

Lutron Caseta Wireless. 

Lutron Caseta Wireless is a great solution for those who don’t want to come back into a dark apartment. You can switch the light on by using your phone, control the position of the shades, and even the temperature.

A smart bulb.

A Pulse smart bulb may look as a usual bulb, at first, but it has its own uniqueness. Installed wireless speakers that can be controlled from the phone directly. Since more diverse smart features mean more selling points for homeowners, this could be a great investment for people looking to kill two birds with one stone. Usage of new technologies make you sell apartment within days.

Alarm System. 

People are travelling abroad a lot, that is why it is essential to know that your apartment is safe. In this case there is nothing better than alarm systems. New owners (after you sell apartment) will only appreciate that there is nothing to worry about, while they are away.  One Link security system includes everything from Wi-Fi smoke and monoxide alarms, smart watch, smart tracker (like keys), Wi-Fi safe and programmable thermostat. Another advantage is that all these items can be controlled via iPhone.


Dubai real estate market is a very competitive market. If you do not stand out and offer something different, unique, it will be quite difficult to sell apartment at the best possible price. By implementing this strategy and using all latest hi-tech gadgets your property will be on top of people’s search.


Want to know more on how to find a buyer for your property? Contact Universal Prime Real Estate and our property advisors will let you through any real estate question.


Universal Prime – A tradition of trust

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How to sell a property

How to sell a property? I guess every sales person had this question at least once in their career. Selling a property or a house comes up with other attributes such as choosing the right property, providing all needed information on the real estate market…but the most important is the closure of the deal, on selling property, and giving this extra service to the client. Did you get interested? Let’s look at each point, separately.

Selling a property is a long, at times complicated process that starts from the moment you meet a potential client and ends when you give him a key from a new property. In the very beginning it is important to keep the client, make him interested and ensure that YOUR property is the only one that will suit the client’s choice. So how it starts?

Leads don’t mean you got a client

Selling process of a property is impossible without a client. In the very beginning you must get a qualified lead, a potential investor (or end user) who is ready to invest into real estate property. At this stage it is very important to create this good first impression so that the client gets interested in your offer. What does it require? Good communication skills, knowledge of real estate market, and a perfect product – in your case property or a project.

Meeting a client. You should be prepared

After you got a lead and had first conversation over the phone – it’s time to meet with your potential client. At this stage all you need to do is to gain trust. Real estate investors and end users are getting more educated and informed on current trends, prices, and future forecasts of real estate market. They will come to meet you with enough knowledge. Your task is to make sure that you both speak the same language. Knowing latest market trends and converting this information correctly will only benefit both sides and bring closure of the deal closer. Usage of the correct information is the key.

Trust is the key

When you are with a client, shine with knowledge on real estate market make sure to gain trust of the client. Use right professional words, be confident while talking with a client, keep your tone of the voice high, provide the right up-to-date information and half of the job is done. After you have gave all needed details on the real estate market and you can see that the client is really interested and ready to invest – the next step comes of choosing the right property. After you know every detail on what your client is looking for, his budget and aim of investing into real estate – your task is to choose the right property. You are right, it PROPERTY, not PROPERTIES. Don’t give the client more than one option. It is important not to confuse the client, not to make him think twice and compare different properties as more questions will rise in his head. You should know his preferences and make the right choice, for him.

Documentation is where an actual selling process starts

After the unit has been chosen, by investor, it is time when the most important part comes – actual sale of a property. On this stage you will face with a lot of paperwork, rules, regulations, payment details, etc. You should be ready to provide all needed papers, to know how the documentation of a sales process goes. You must be extremely careful on preparing all the papers, submitting them, managing payments, due dates (if the client will pay in cheques), etc. knowledge in every aspect of a sales process, whether it is financial, marketing, or any other admin work, will only benefit you. Every extra knowledge, related to sales process, will make you more confident, more knowledgeable, and raise in the eyes of the client.

Think Customer, not Profit

After the selling process of the property is completed you may think that that’s it. Property has been sold, process completed from every angle – time to relax and look for another client. This is the time when customer care service begins. I don’t want to say that you should neglect your client throughout the whole process of selling a property and remember about him only after the sale has been done. Every person likes attention, and in real estate business, with a huge competition, it is important to be different, to provide special service to the client free of charge. This is when small things, small gestures will only benefit the business. After the property has been sold, all papers have been signed – send your client a small present as a “Thank you”, give a call (from time to time) just to ask how things going on. These small gestures make a huge difference as majority of businesses are concerned only on receiving money but not everyone thinks of a client. It’s time to be different – time to put the client first, and not the profit.


If you are looking for real estate investments – let Universal Prime Real Estate help in this process. Our property advisors will provide all needed details on Dubai real estate market and handle all paper work, from the beginning to the end of the selling process. Lets work together!

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Top 5 prime locations to invest in, in Dubai

What are the prime locations to invest in?
What are the main criteria’s when it comes to investing in property, especially in such a developed city as Dubai? Most important factors are location, community, landmarks, and developer. Also, a not less important factor is whether we want to buy a ready unit or an off-plan project? Off plan and ready unit are two different investments with different appreciation and ROI. Now, let’s concentrate on what makes us choose This prime location, and not Another location, as an investment?

Dubai prime locations to be invested in.
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina is one of the prime locations, in Dubai. It is one of the top places investors ready to invest into.
It is rightly called a pearl of Dubai. What is so special about this area and why it is consisted as one of the prime locations, for the investment? Here, at Dubai Marina, in one of the prime locations to invest in, are the newest and most impressive buildings, attractions and places of interest. This area has easy access to the downtown and other popular places, in Dubai, which makes this prime location a good place to invest in.
Business Bay
Why choose Business Bay as a prime location to invest in? This area is developing rapidly which ensures its popularity, and affordable prices for investors. One of the main advantages of investing in Business Bay is location-right off Sheikh Zayed Road, bordering Downtown Burj Dubai area, close to DIFC and the airport. A gradual shift is expected from older business districts towards Business Bay as affordability grows and the new pipeline is delivered. In a couple of years, this area will be transformed in one of the best locations to invest in.
The Palm
The Palm, Jumeirah was originally built as an 8th wonder of the world. Created primarily as a holiday destination, the Palm has a wide array of luxury hotels, predominantly found on ‘the crescent’. Though yields from the property on the Palm Jumeirah aren’t quite as high as those found in Dubai Marina or close to the Burj Khalifa, it attracts many investors from different parts of the world, as one of the prime locations. The average rental return on all property types in the area was 5.59% in 2015. Good start for a real estate investor.
Meydan is considered as one of the prime locations to invest in, as it is a part of Mohamed Bin Rashid City, with its tallest residential tower, longest indoor ski slopes and other world records. MBR city will become a city within a city with Meydan as a part of it. As MBR city developing under control of Sheikh Mohamed, there is no doubt it will have the best finishing. All this, together with the perfect location makes Meydan one of the prime locations for investors to consider.
Jumeirah Village Circle can be considered as one of the prime locations to invest into. JVC area develops rapidly, and consists of very attractive projects with an easy payment plan, to invest into. As JVC’s location, it is considered as one of the prime locations and strategic areas during Expo 2020. Even though this project is not well developed, yet it can be easily reached by Al Khail Road, Sheikh Zayed road, or Barsha road. With huge area and potential to grow, JVC will soon become home to Circle Mall, a number of schools and mosques.

How to choose the right location?
Best investment on earth is earth. Still thinking what location to choose for investment? Contact Universal Prime Real Estate, and we will provide you with the detailed information on Dubai real estate market and the best place to invest into.

Would like to invest in Dubai real estate property? Contact Universal Prime Real Estate and we will advise you on how to invest your money with the minimum risk and maximum benefit!



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Dubai real estate market

Dubai real estate market. 

Dubai real estate market has been an attractive investment field not only for local investors, but for international businessman and investors, as well. Dubai has shown itself as a center of never-ending development and high-tech technologies. Dubai – is a dream land for those who would like to make their money work, and get quick return on investments. Even though Dubai real estate market has slowed down, during last couple of years, its indicators stay stable and about to improve in the next couple of years, just before Expo 2020.

So, what exactly make people look for investment opportunities, in Dubai? Dubai was the first city where Dubai Free Zones have arisen. It gave an opportunity, to foreigners, to invest in Dubai real estate market, and to open its own business without having a local partner. All these factors made Dubai a prestigious real estate market, especially when city started developing actively, when giant skyscrapers started appearing together with luxury villas. However, foreigners still having doubts and not in a hurry when it comes to investing in Dubai real estate. Main problem is that Dubai real estate market has certain limitations, while purchasing a property as the buyer cannot become full-fledged owner and only receives the right for a long-term lease (99 years).

Dubai real estate market changes 

Dubai real estate market has changed in 2002, when Sheikh of Dubai has issued a special decree, according to which foreigners were granted the right to purchase property in designated free hold areas, such as: Dubai Marina, JBR, The Palm, and others. Areas, that have historical or architectural sights are available only for lease. These specific changes in law gave strong impetus to the construction boom in Dubai real estate market, which continues to improve even now.

Three types of the ownership 

It may seem at first, that legislation in Dubai real estate sector is primitive, nevertheless it is not true. It is very important to have a qualified lawyer who can explain the difference between three types of properties, in Dubai real estate market. To have a better understanding of it – let’s have a look at three main property types in Dubai real estate market.

  1. It is specific zones where buyers of a Dubai real estate or land acquires full rights to it and it can be dispose as they wish: sell, lease, grand to their relatives, etc. The most popular areas are: The Palm, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Resident, The Greens, and Jumeirah.
  2. This type of ownership is used when it comes to apartments or other immovable objects with the maintained order. It is beneficial for those who want to have all the rights of the property and land, but do not wish to be responsible for the territory that is considered public. Usually, the process of management of a common territory is made by the Association of Tenants, each of which pays a mandatory monthly contribution.
  3. This type of ownership is different from the freeholder as the holder of the land or property will owe it only when he pays the whole purchase amount and rental amount to its owner. The lease agreement can be short term (20 years) or long term (99 years). When the full amount has been paid, the new owner has the right to transfer it by inheritance, and even to sell.

Dubai real estate market has been an attractive piece of cake for a very long time…and it continues to improve its positions in the world arena.


If you are interested in investing in Dubai real estate market – contact Universal Prime Real Estate for more details.