Time to Become International Investor

Indian Investors Topped the Dubai Property Investments List with a whopping 4,676 Investments so far This Year Alone.

Quick Facts about Dubai Property Investments

  • 163 Nationalities found Dubai as the Ideal Option for their Real Estate Investments

  •  Indians & Emiratis competed head to head to top the list of property investors in Dubai in 2018 so far

  •  India recorded 4,676 investments worth AED 8.6 billion.

  •  With Emiratis recording 4,112 investments worth AED 9.4 billion

Top 10 Areas of Investment Interests in 2018

  1. Business Bay
  2. Dubai Marina
  3. Al Barsha South Fourth
  4. Al Merkadh
  5. Al Warsan 1
  6. Jebel Ali First
  7. Burj Khalifa
  8. Al Thanyah Fifth
  9. Al Hebiah Fourth
  10. Al Yelayiss 2

Why You Should Invest in a Property in Dubai?

  1. Easy Process: There’s no lengthy paperwork.  You don’t need any special visa to buy a property in Dubai.  If you invest more than a million dirhams, you get residence visa.

  2. Value for Money: A property in a prime location in Mumbai could cost you INR 50,000/sqft (approx).  Dubai offers property investments in the centre of town starting at INR  25,000/sqft (approx)*

  3. Expo 2020: A six-month event coming up in Dubai which will host 2.5 crore people from across the world for business and development opportunities.  Expect great gains from your investment in the long run.

  4.  Rental Yield: Your property could yield 12% of the property value through rentals.  There’s demand for all kinds of homes, apartments, and villas.  33% of Indian investment is on apartments.

  5. Second Home: Indian expats represent a major chunk of Dubai population.  With an average travel time of 3 hours from India, Dubai truly is a home away from home.