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One of the best off-plan projects, in Dubai

Dubai is the land of opportunities and place where dreams and the bravest ideas come true. Dubai has everything you can only imagine – from the world’s tallest building to the longest outdoor ski slope.

The number of tourists who would like to see famous Dubai landmarks increases every year. According to the latest updates Dubai welcomed a total of 15.79 million visitors last year. Some of them preferred to stay in Dubai and invested in real estate market. As a result, AED 18 billion investments has been made into Dubai real estate market, in particular.

When it comes to real estate investments the end goal can be different for investors and end users, nevertheless, the process of choosing a property is the same. Main criteria are:

  • Return on investments (ROI);
  • Location;
  • Developer;
  • Price;
  • Economic situation of the country you are investing in.

Ideal Property 

Answering these questions will make you choose your dream property easier and faster. So what kind of property will be ideal for you?! Good location, easy access to main roads and landmarks, well-developed community, etc. All these factors are present in Riviera project. Riviera project answers all new trends, design, and people’s needs as a luxurious and comfortable house. So what is so special about Riviera project and what makes it one of the best in Dubai?

First of all, its location. Riviera project is located in the very heart of Dubai with the easy access to all main roads and landmarks. Community, where Riviera project is located in, can be considered as a city within a city. Mohammed Bin Rashid City (in which Riviera project is located) has its own biggest mall in the world, biggest airport in the world, its own crystal lagoon and many other places where you can spend your weekend or weekday with pleasure. Riviera project surrounded by lots of greenery, has kid’s playground, outdoor cinema, one of the longest running track and many other facilities which make it a perfect home.

Key Numbers 

To understand this project better, lets take a look at some key numbers of Riviera project.

Riviera project consists of 35 buildings, in total where many of them are located next to the water canal. While you are at home you can enjoy fantastic canal view from your balcony. Nevertheless, when it feels like grasping fresh air – enjoy movie night in outdoor cinema or have a boat trip along Crystal Lagoon.

What makes Riviera project more attractive is not only top community lifestyle, but opportunity to increase your income through high ROI. If you are an investor and looking only at projects as an investment opportunity – Riviera is the right project to invest in. Perfect location and the fact that Riviera project is a part of MBR City makes it a plum for investors.  If you are an investor and looking for a safe and secure country with good economy, for a place that can be a perfect destination for single people or families, for a great community and excellent project with high ROI – Riviera project is the answer for all your requirements.

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