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Now everyone can invest in Dubai real estate!

New Dubai off plan project.

What are real estate investments? It may seem confusing, difficult and as something that consumes a lot of time. Nevertheless, the whole process can be easier if the client knows what project to invest into and economical side of the country. Recently, Dubai became more attractive for investors mainly due to its economy development, overall development of the city and launch of numerous real estate projects. One of them is Bella Rose project, by Deyaar developer.

Why Bella Rose project?

I guess the first questions that appeared in your mind were: “Why should I invest in Bella Rose project”? “What makes Bella Rose project different comparing to other off plan projects in Dubai”? The answer is simple – affordability. This is one of the few projects, in Dubai real estate market, which offers extremely easy and affordable payment plan affordable for everyone. As Dubai real estate market shifts to more low cost options when it comes to clients, Bella Rose project comes first, when you think of cost-effective unit and quality.

Bella Rose project differs from others by its payment plan, where you can book a unit with AED 10,000 and continue paying AED 3,750 monthly until the apartment is fully yours. What else can be attractive for investors is the location of the project – Dubai Science park. Dubai Science park is planned to become one of the main hubs oh heath by concentrating one of the most developed and modern clinics, hospitals and laboratories. What is more, together with hospitals a number of top schools are located in this area. Perfect house within a perfect community – what else can be better, than Bella Rose project?

Main advantages of Bella Rose project.

What is the main attraction of the project, apart from the payment plan and location – its amenities. Whether you are planning to live with a family, or alone, Bella Rose project has a lot to offer when it comes to featured. Whether you prefer passive or more active time spend – Bella Rose project has all you need, from a state-of-the-art gymnasium, table tennis court, health club, mini golf and a half basketball court, for fitness and sports enthusiasts alike. The infinity pool at the podium level complete with a dry and wet sundeck, overlooks the public gardens surrounding the property.

Bella Rose project has everything your soul can ask for. Still not sure whether to invest in this project or not – contact Universal Prime Real Estate at 04 277 8034 or drop us an email at and let our property consultants contact you.

Let’s work on your dream house together!

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