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Dubai real estate investors by nationality.

Dubai has always been a tidbit that nobody can resist. This fact has been derived by taking into consideration the latest Dubai real estate trends and governmental support. Hence, buying a property in Dubai became a must for many nationalities. But who are these Dubai real estate investors who decided to become a part of Dubai’s life?

Before we jump into analyzing Dubai real estate investors, let’s understand what makes this city so attractive?


What are the benefits of Dubai real estate investments?

First of all, all of the processes, purchases, and transactions are controlled and monitored by the government (Dubai Land Department). This gives an additional sense of security to Dubai real estate investors as they are guaranteed that their money is in safe hands.

Secondly, no property tax makes it very easy and beneficial to purchase a property. No extra charges will be deducted from the investor, on a yearly or monthly basis later on.

What’s more, new governmental changes such as 5-, 10- years investor’s visa, long-term residency, and 100% freehold started attracting international investors to Dubai by providing numerous investment and business opportunities. So who wouldn’t prefer to invest in Dubai real estate?


Dubai real estate investors by nationalities.

UAE nationals (Emiratis) have been top Dubai real estate investors for many years. They invested AED 37.4 billion through 12,000 transactions during the year 2017, while Indians (the second largest group of investors) invested AED 20.4 billion. Taking into consideration other nationalities such as Jordanians, Egyptians, Saudis, etc. a total number of 217 nationalities invested AED 151 billion.


Market shift.

Due to the market shift towards more affordable properties and price reduction, Dubai real estate market became even more attractive for international investors. In addition, market changes started attracting “new” investors from China. The first 9 months of 2018 recorded a great number of transactions, which in turn shows Dubai’s real estate market growth and stabilization.


Dubai real estate investors.

Amongst the top 5 Dubai real estate investors, holding the number one spot were the UAE nationals. Emiratis invested AED 11.5 billion during the first 9 months of 2018. Indian investors were second and invested AED 10.8 billion in Dubai real estate. British investors spent AED 4.3 billion, Pakistanis AED 2.8 billion and Chinese investors invested AED 1.7 billion.

Saudis, once the main Dubai real estate investors, don’t appear in the top 5 investor’s list. The core reason being its weak value of oil which weighed badly on Saudi investors.

The economic and political situation in the world and in different countries, such as Brexit, the crisis in Turkey, trade war between USA and China determine future trends of investments and impact on businesses.

If you want to know more about Dubai real estate market, latest trends and updates – contact Universal Prime Real Estate.


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Why Millennials should invest in real estate?

Many of us have certain stereotype when it comes to Millennials, those who were born between the years 1982 and 2000. You can always hear that they are spoiled, lazy, irresponsible, social media addicts, etc. But is it actually shows the real picture?

In many countries Millennials constitutes the majority of country’s population. For instance, in USA Millennials are the largest age group who are hardworking, goal oriented who are getting good job and gaining financial stability very quickly. They are the ones who changing the world trends drastically.

Numbers talk

Millennials are very smart and careful when it comes to big investment. These kind of people like deals and can easily invest in something they really believe in. According to the latest research conducted by Bank of America 1 in 6 Millennials have savings of $100,000 and ready to invest. In 2017, Millennials made up the largest group of homebuyers (34%) and of all Millennials property investors, 66% were first-timers. It makes a lot of sense that they are becoming more and more interested in real estate investments as 85% of Millennials find it one of the best investment opportunities.

Consider real estate investment now.

What are the main benefits for Millennials if they invest in real estate now? Check our 5 top benefits if you are planning real estate investment.

  1. Recovery

Every investor, when they only start this game, face ups and downs. If you failed in your first investment you will recover faster comparing to older investors. Main concern for older investors will be whether it affects their retirement or not, when Millennials can learn fast from their mistake and try again.

  1. Less responsibility

Every door is open for young people. This expression as well as possible describes variety of opportunities for younger generation. And real estate investment opens enormous amount of them. Millennials are active and like to do things fast. Real estate investment may not be considered as a risk as majority of them don’t have family, they are not tied down to a certain location or have countless expenses. All these factors allow them to make the right investment decision.

  1. Decision making

Older investors tent to take time when it comes to real estate investments. They take into consideration all pros and cons, do proper market research and check different options, when Millennials are way faster. They know already what they want and they are not afraid to make the final decision.

  1. Long term investments

Real estate can make you rich – this is out of question, even though it is not a quick process. To reach the maximum return on your investments, you’ll need time. Nothing happens overnight. You’ll enjoy your investment over a longer period of time by getting into it early.

  1. Financial freedom

By investing in real estate when you are young can protect your family from job loss or financial instability. Even if you lose your job, you’ll have money coming in from your real estate investment. Eventually, your real estate will continue making money for you even when you’re not working.


There is no doubt that Millennials are entering into their peak investing years, and their actions should be taken into consideration. Numerous opportunities are available for them, taking into consideration current Dubai real estate market situation, multiple projects with easy payment plans. All this makes investing easier and more accessible.

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How to make an investment in real estate without any mistakes?

Is it easy to invest in real estate? Investment in real estate can be an incredibly easy and profitable venture. But every investor should take into consideration all the risk factors while owning an investment in real estate. Investment in real estate is valuable, so every scenario of what can go right or wrong should be calculated and taken into consideration before making any final decisions.

Property and Market Research 

What should be the base of every successful decision? Proper research and knowledge of the market you are planning to invest in, especially regarding investment in real estate is the basic requirement. When you start considering investment in real estate, knowing all the details of your future investment will only help in surmising whether it’s worth it or not. Market trends and its forecast, future cost of investment, long term investment opportunities and its benefits are all that should be taken into consideration.

Moreover, You should study the property itself for its history, location, surrounding area and the future potential of the area your property of interest is located in. Indeed, creating the whole picture clearly helps in making the right decision.

Setting up your budget 

Before considering any investment opportunity – set up your budget and manage within it. You should know the amount of money you are ready to invest and what can be too much for your pocket. It will allow you to focus on properties within your budget and to avoid exceeding the limit.

Stay focused 

It is a well-known fact that investment in real estate is an emotional purchase. That is why it is essential to stay focused and not get attached to a specific property, building or an area. Doing so will save you from a financial trap as you can avoid the problem of overpaying for the property, not considering future ROI and market forecast.

Always have plan B 

Investment in real estate is a great opportunity either to get passive income or to grow your business. But what if something goes wrong, in the future? That is why you should have plan B in case you need to either sell or rent this property. Identify the best time to sell or rent this property, in order to get maximum profit or at least to get back what you have spent to avoid financial issues. Additionally, such knowledge or detailed action plan will help you keep focused and prepared for an unpredictable future.

Real Estate consultancy 

If investment in real estate is your first big investment and you are new to it – it is always better to use the help of a professional. An expert’s advice can help you to have a better knowledge of the market and recognize how accurate your original estimates are. Universal Prime Real Estate, with their professional property advisors, can provide you all the needed information and consultation in order to choose the best property according to your needs and budget. Furthermore, our property advisors will be able to calculate and give you an estimated ROI based on the current market situation and future trends.

Investment in real estate means stability, growth, passive income and in many cases carefree future. In order to invest in the right property, real estate market knowledge and professional guidance from a property advisor is a must. It will not only be an aide in your decision but also allow you to maximize your benefits by maximizing your return on investments.

If you are looking for advices in such investments – Feel Free to approach Universal Prime Real Estate. We know what to do next.








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Dubai real estate investments in 2019.

Dubai is one of the top destinations not only for tourists but also for investors. Among the best and most attractive investment options is the Real Estate market. Despite the modern options available to people nowadays to invest in bitcoin, stock market, bank products, investment funds, etc. Real Estate remains one of the most lucrative investment avenues even today. Since our birth till now there is a certain fact saying that real estate investment is considered one of the safest and best options for investing. It is considered that way for multiple reasons: it provides security to investors and is a hedge against inflation, it is a physical asset that is excellent for portfolio diversification, it is non-volatile and essentially risk-free over a long period of time and is available to everyone as opposed to for experts only and can generate yearly passive income of 7%-12% from your total investment. But why is Dubai so popular among investors?

Why invest in Dubai real estate?

A very famous American businessman and author, Robert Kiyosaki once said, “Real Estate investment, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.”

Dubai is located between east and west, has world-class infrastructure and growing tourism sector has evolved into an investment hub. Dubai can offer a wide range of opportunities and benefits, when it comes to investments.

The main trends in investments have changed. If the most important factor of whether to invest or not was location, now investments are no longer confined to the geographical boundaries. People are investing in cities with developed economy in order to earn good returns. So, what made Dubai one of the main destinations for real estate investors?

  • Dubai is the fastest growing emirate compared to other six emirates in UAE
  • Dubai has a robust economy
  • Consistently growing population
  • Development and innovation of the city is beyond imagination.
  • Political situation in Dubai, and the rest of the country is very stable
  • World Expo2020 attracting about 25M people from 175+ nations.
  • Numerous projects with attractive offers and deals.
  • High Return On Investments.

Dubai real estate investments and market situation 

Before trying to understand future trends and forecast of Dubai real estate market for the year of 2019, it is important to understand its performance in previous years. Since 2015 Dubai real estate market has been through ups and downs. Dubai real estate prices declined a lot in the period from 2015 till 2016. Since then, real estate market has been in a recovery state.

Even though the prices didn’t fall as much, but it brought significant changes to the market. The average sales price decreased by around 5.6% in 2017, while the average rents fell by 7%. It can be considered that price correction was the main reason behind the decline and this made the market become one of the hottest in the past two decades. In 2004-2006, when Dubai was expanding rapidly, 25% of all cranes in the world were located in this small city.

Another major reason for the market decline was oversupply. Due to Expo 2020 developers started launching numerous projects without meeting actual demand. It led to price decline on ready property and off-plan. Earlier, international investors were focusing on high-end and luxury properties but in the recent years that demand has shifted towards smaller and more affordable units. Looking at the shifting trend, developers had to adjust and shift their focus, as well.

Course towards stabilization 

A number of governmental programs and policies implemented in 2018, like the 10-year investor’s visa, 100% foreign ownership of UAE-based companies, stabilization of UAE economy due to the rise of oil prices, special offers from developers which allow to pay 60% of the purchase price after completions, will definitely bring a positive effect on the Dubai real estate market.. Dubai has experienced influx of Chinese investors, lately, which made Dubai government provide visa on arrival for all Chinese nationals.

Dubai property market is expected to be recovering in the early part of 2019, before it kicks back to become the hottest real estate market by late 2019. For those who want to invest in Dubai Real Estate market – middle of 2019 is the best time to buy allowing sufficient time to plan for it.

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How to close a real estate deal real quick?

Every business has different measures of success, but the main one, which is intrinsic to every business is your net income. When it comes to real estate – the number of closed deals signifies real success or failure. So, what can be done in order to eliminate failure and get closer to a success?

When we take a look at the previous history – the main negotiation style was “win-all” which meant selling to a client at any cost. Nevertheless, everything changes. More and more projects have been developed, people became more educated about real estate and, what is more important is that the need of the client has changed. If before they cared about price, money, project, broker now they pay attention to the value that they can get, the long-term relationships with the real estate consultant and service quality. “Value-based” relationship style gained extreme importance in real estate, so much so that we can even consider that property consultants must be genuinely empathetic towards the clients.

To have a better understanding of the process lets take a gander at a value-based negotiation. This type of negotiation understands value and needs of both parties and exerts every effort towards the buyer to find amiable solutions that satisfy both sides. Instead of being focused on the price and selling property, it is important to work in harmony and to offer the best options that will satisfy both parties and avoid challenges that may thwart the transaction.


How to start your value-based negotiation?

Be Ready

Instead of just following the flow of the conversation, without any strategy, plan your pitch. Think of what you would like to receive in the end. Plan and strategize your meeting with the client by setting up the following questions:

  • What is my end goal?
  • Who is my client and what is he looking for? What is his objective?
  • What is the key information I need to receive from the client in order to understand him/her better and to offer the best product?
  • What obstacles may appear during this meeting?


Anticipate the challenges 

Be careful with the information which you are going to present to the client. Avoid opinions about property value or real estate market situation.

Use expert’s analysis, real numbers from reliable sources. Share real estate market numbers at the beginning of the negotiation and keep them at the center of your discussion.

Listen to the client and the information he is going to share. You can then begin to work towards a number suitable to each side, based on facts.


Be emotionally unattached

Keep your frustration and any other negative emotions under control. There will be annoying clients who may have more questions than others. Some of them will be first time buyers, some may have had a bitter experience, and some are just extra careful. You must understand that it is their right to know everything until all their concerns have been addressed. This law is especially true for ideal outcomes in a negotiation. The more straightforward and fact-based you can stay, the stronger the chance for a positive outcome for your client. Remember the golden rule of selling anything – Appeal to the heart.


Don’t jump into solution too early

If the client has any issues with the property or the deal – don’t give him your solution beforehand. In many cases real estate consultant can arrive at a solution that may lead to a conflict. This tactic may leave both sides unsatisfied because the negotiations weren’t value based. What is more is that it may look “unprofessional” in the eyes of the client. Instead, listen to all his/her concerns, suggestions and share your constructive solution of the problem. When you hit a stumbling block, pause and think outside the box. This is your opportunity to increase your value in your clients’ eyes and defend your service cost.

The strategy that works well looks very simple – win-win or no deal. When your negotiations follow this principle, you will earn more closings, more referrals, and experience a richer real estate career.


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An expat’s guide to Dubai real estate market

What comes to your mind when you think of Dubai? Luxurious lifestyle, skyrocketing buildings, larger than life malls, and happy people. Dubai is all of it. It is one of the most flamboyant and chic cities in the world.

Since shifting its focus from oil to tourism, infrastructure developed by leaps and bounds, new projects transfigured the city beyond recognition. It was then that Dubai gifted the world Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, The Palm, to name a few. 

Together with being one of the top tourist destinations, Dubai has established itself as one of the most developed real estate markets. With governmental support, Dubai has become a top real estate market for investors, foreign nationals  mainly. 

So what is it that attracts investors from all over the world to invest in Dubai real estate market?

Why should you consider Dubai as your investment destination? 

There is no doubt that Dubai is an attractive destination for people from all over the world. But why expats prefer to live and invest in Dubai? Main reasons are-

• A Stable economy 

• The governments interest and encouragement of Dubai real estate market 

• Continuous boost in the infrastructure of the city.

• Speaking of Dubai’s real estate market situation– it shows one of the highest Return of investment 8%-12%, beating New York’s 5%. 

Apart from the above benefits of investing in Dubai real estate market, it is also ranked as one of the safest cities in the world. 

When we talk about Dubai real estate investments it is important to show who are the main investors. 

According to one of the latest DLD(Dubai Land Department) reports, Emirati nationals have emerged atop investors in Dubai real estate market with the total value of 2,986 real estate transactions of AED 6.8 billion.

Indians following Emirati investors, showing 3,218 transactions with the total worth of AED 5.9 billion.

Saudi residents closing the list of top 3 Dubai real estate investors with investing AED 3.7 billion through 1,415 investment transactions.  

The list of top 10 investors by nationality  included Britain, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Jordan and France. 

What are the benefits of investing in Dubai real estate?

Investments in Dubai real estate market were always profitable for expats, more so today. The  government of Dubai has implemented rules and regulations with the aim to attract more foreign investors and provide more benefits for them. The restructuring of rules include –

• A 10-year visa for investors

• Allowing funds and REITs(Real estate investment trusts) on the Dubai Financial Market 

• Reducing fines and providing payment plans to expired business licenses stimulation of businesses by releasing AED 14 billion in the form of visa deposits

• Allowing many businesses to own 100% of their shareholding

• 6 months visas for people looking for work opportunities

• Freeze on school fees, etc. 

The main goal of the government is to provide a favorable environment for investors looking at the Dubai real estate market.

Which are the most preferred areas of investment in Dubai?

Main focus of investments in Dubai real estate market has shifted from luxurious properties to economic ones. Less developed and slightly distant areas from the downtown have started attracting larger number of investors. 

One of the most popular areas for international investments is Dubai Sports City. Sports City is sports complex that’s perfect for the most active people in Dubai. 

Considering Dubai real estate market conditions and declining prices, a Dubai Sports City Apartment could result in up to 9.17% of rental returns annually. Price-wise, the value of the properties has declined over the past 6 months by 1.90%. 

Next in popularity is Dubai Silicon Oasis. It has a pretty vibrant neighbourhood too, complete with restaurants, supermarkets and more. With a rental yield of 8.66% YTD. This might also be the right opportunity to purchase a property here as prices have slashed by 3.58% over the past 6 months. 

International City became one of the most attractive destinations due to its design – country-themed architecture. Despite being far from the downtown, this area remains a hotspot for investors.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) and Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) are very well located – relatively close to Dubai Marina and downtown. Although these areas are still under development, they still attract investors with reporting 8.45% YTD rental yield.

Future Forecasting 

Reckoning all favorable conditions for development, the population in Dubai is growing every year. According to the latest statistical data provided by GMI(Global Measures International), the total population of UAE is 9.54 million people, of which Emiratis 11.48%, Pakistanis 12.69%, Indians 27.49%, Filipinos 5.56%, Egyptians 4.23% and 38.55% of other nationalities.

Numerous projects, Expo 2020 and overall enhancement of Dubai economy will attract more expats and increase investments in Dubai real estate market.


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Real Estate types that suit every kind of investor

Investment is a forever trending topic and smart people have made millions by playing the game right. As we talk about people making millions, we cannot ignore the ones losing millions. Were they just unlucky or did they lack strategic approach? Successful people however have several theories, unfortunately what worked for one might fail for others. There are no set defined rules to get rich.

As more and more investors sense a market crisis in the world economy and lose their moolah, they have shifted focus on more safe and stable options without compromising on ROI. This is where Real Estate comes into the picture. Now, I know Real Estate does not make you rich overnight but it doesn’t make you poor in one night either and I’m sure that the majority of the experts will agree with me that Real Estate is the perfect balance between risk and returns.

Real Estate investment Types 

There are several ways that one could slice and dice real estate types, but I prefer to group them into different categories at different levels. The first is the high level residential and commercial segregation. Many others add a third category called projects or off plan or primary at the first group level itself. But to me, it makes sense to add this as a category at the second level along with ready or secondary category. In the residential group you could have furthermore categorization like apartment, villa, etc. and in the commercial group you could add retail, office, warehouse, etc.

Let’s look at each type in detail and which type of investor do they suit.

Ready Units 

Investing in ready units be it commercial or residential is for those seeking immediate returns in the form of rentals. One could also re-sell by buying at a low price and selling it at a high price, but such a scenario requires that the buyer holds on to his asset for a while for the prices to appreciate a little. In few other lucky cases some buyers are able to sense a distress sell by an owner and they grab such situations with all limbs. These types however have low capital appreciation situations and are suitable for those who are risk averse.

Commercial Units 

The simplest examples of commercial real estate are office spaces, retail stores, and warehouses. These are usually more expensive than residential units if you look at them from a per square feet basis but they typically generate higher returns than residential units. Commercial type has its pros and cons against residential type but for whatever reasons isn’t so popular with the Dubai people. Investing in offices & shopping centers could be more effective & profitable if done right. What you have to keep in mind is that commercial real estate involves re-registration of electricity and paying certain charges to the government.

Off-plan investments 

Off-Plan has many names including primary and projects. This type can bring much more income than the secondary market. This is because the prices of the off-plan properties are much lower compared to ready units. Ergo, if you invest in real estate at the plan stage you can get the best or lowest price that project will sell for and as the project makes progress in its construction the price only keeps getting higher. I’ve seen the same project unit jump up in price within 6 months of project start and there will be ample cases which have done better.   

The biggest risks with off-plan investments is the developer risk and project selection risk. If you pick the wrong developer or a wrong project of a good developer (even the best developers make poor choices in selecting some projects) then you are in eternal doom. The developer could go bankrupt or the project is sold at a very high price from the plan phase itself by creating a hype about it. The hype does not last long and the buyers are stuck with an overpriced product.

How do I Choose which type to invest in and when?

Investing in Real Estate requires a thorough knowledge of all types and the market you are investing in. The great thing about Dubai is that the government has taken impressive steps to secure the investment of every person, especially in real estate. If you follow the simple economic principle of supply and demand then Dubai will have a shortage of supply since the growth rate of population in Dubai is higher than rate at which ready properties are entering the market for occupancy.

Making the right investment choice to maximize your returns will require expertise in real estate sector and knowledge of the past, current and future market trends. A good property investment advisor can make this journey for you both peaceful and profitable.

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Dubai real estate investments

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt). Real estate, for many years, has been considered as on the safest investments. But what makes it one of the best among others?

What are investments? 

Before deciding what to invest your money in – it is important to understand what investments mean and how this whole experience of real estate investments can benefit you. According to investopedia – Investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will later be sold at a higher price for a profit.

As we can see, in all cases investment called upon investor’s benefit.

So now, after we know the benefit of investments – we should make a decision of what to invest in. The best investment is real estate investments and one of the best cities for real estate investments is Dubai.

Dubai – heaven of real estate investments. 

Why to invest in Dubai real estate? Because Dubai real estate investments will guarantee high return on investments, comparing to other big cities like London, New York or Hong Kong. You can choose different types of real estate investments – invest in a ready unit or off plan project. Due to upcoming Expo2020 Dubai real estate market develops and replenishes with new projects. What is more – there is a number of other factors which can help you in choosing Dubai as your real estate investments, such as one of the safest cities, developed economy, safe investments, no taxes on real estate, residency visa, affordable prices. These are the main factors which attracts thousands of investors to Dubai. Dubai is a land of opportunities where real estate investments becomes not just investments in property but investment in the future – future development, growth and wealth. So what else can be better than this? Invest in your future with one of the best property advisors, in Dubai – Universal Prime Real Estate.

For more information – contact us at 04 277 8034.

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Now everyone can invest in Dubai real estate!

New Dubai off plan project.

What are real estate investments? It may seem confusing, difficult and as something that consumes a lot of time. Nevertheless, the whole process can be easier if the client knows what project to invest into and economical side of the country. Recently, Dubai became more attractive for investors mainly due to its economy development, overall development of the city and launch of numerous real estate projects. One of them is Bella Rose project, by Deyaar developer.

Why Bella Rose project?

I guess the first questions that appeared in your mind were: “Why should I invest in Bella Rose project”? “What makes Bella Rose project different comparing to other off plan projects in Dubai”? The answer is simple – affordability. This is one of the few projects, in Dubai real estate market, which offers extremely easy and affordable payment plan affordable for everyone. As Dubai real estate market shifts to more low cost options when it comes to clients, Bella Rose project comes first, when you think of cost-effective unit and quality.

Bella Rose project differs from others by its payment plan, where you can book a unit with AED 10,000 and continue paying AED 3,750 monthly until the apartment is fully yours. What else can be attractive for investors is the location of the project – Dubai Science park. Dubai Science park is planned to become one of the main hubs oh heath by concentrating one of the most developed and modern clinics, hospitals and laboratories. What is more, together with hospitals a number of top schools are located in this area. Perfect house within a perfect community – what else can be better, than Bella Rose project?

Main advantages of Bella Rose project.

What is the main attraction of the project, apart from the payment plan and location – its amenities. Whether you are planning to live with a family, or alone, Bella Rose project has a lot to offer when it comes to featured. Whether you prefer passive or more active time spend – Bella Rose project has all you need, from a state-of-the-art gymnasium, table tennis court, health club, mini golf and a half basketball court, for fitness and sports enthusiasts alike. The infinity pool at the podium level complete with a dry and wet sundeck, overlooks the public gardens surrounding the property.

Bella Rose project has everything your soul can ask for. Still not sure whether to invest in this project or not – contact Universal Prime Real Estate at 04 277 8034 or drop us an email at and let our property consultants contact you.

Let’s work on your dream house together!

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How to keep Dubai apartment cold during summer?

What is summer? According to Wikipedia, summer is the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February. But when it comes to Dubai temperature and Dubai apartment – the whole different scenario applies. According to the calendar, summer months in Dubai are May-August. Nevertheless, at times it is difficult to differentiate when the summer season has started already as the temperature does not change much (in between spring and summer).

Image Source:

Summer madness 

Together with the temperature increasement the temperature inside Dubai apartment increases as well. Correspondingly, people start using AC more and more…to the degree when they leave it on 24/7. So what can be done, in order to keep Dubai apartment cold when you don’t want to use AC much? There are some secrets which Universal Prime is ready to share with you.

Whether you’re living in an apartment, villa or townhouse in Dubai, it is essential for you to know some simple tips you can do to make your home summer proof which helps cut down your utility bills.

Image Source:

Summer tips 

In order to keep Dubai apartment cold throughout hot summer you should follow these tips and make it a habit. First of all, start with keeping your curtains closed. It will keep the area cooler. Another alternative to curtains is bamboo blinds. They block outdoor heat and can keep Dubai apartment cool.

  1. If you don’t want to make such drastic changes to your interior – invest in windows. It can be the right timer to get window tint as it reflects sunlight and keeps Dubai apartment cooler at a lower cost.
    Image Source:


  2. Instead of the AC try using ceiling or air fan. It will keep air circulating 24/7, plus cool the air down and make the area more pleasant for time spending.
    Image Source:


  3. If you can’t imagine your life without the AC – make sure it is clean and has minimum dust inside. Do regular cleaning of the AC filters, at least every month, to make sure it works properly and cools down the air using its 100% capacity.
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  4. Change your bed sheets daily. It will bring some freshness and feeling of coldness into your night.
    Image Source:


  5. Apply a sealant or weatherproofing device, for your Dubai apartment, around all doors and windows to keep the chilled air inside the apartment.
    Image Source:


  6. Unplug all devices, if not in use. It is known that any plugged-in device radiates a certain amount of energy. Get into the habit of unplugging anything that’s not needed.

    Image Source:


Our Dubai apartment is the place where we spend majority of our time. That is why it is important to make sure that we are comfortable and chilled, being at home. Follow our tips on how to make Dubai apartment cold, during summer, and we will make sure that this summer is the coolest you ever had.