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10 Key reasons to invest in Dubai real estate market with Universal Prime Real Estate

Investments are never easy or speedy decisions to be made. It always requires preparation, relevant information, and market knowledge. Investment in Dubai real estate is a whole new world, for a non-experienced investor. Dubai real estate market offers a vast variety of off-plan projects and ready properties where it gets easy, to get confused. What is the current market situation you may ask? Whether to invest in off-plan or a ready unit? What location or a unit type would be better for a family? What projects can get high ROI? All these questions are dedicated to an experienced property consultant. Why do you need a consultant’s help? The answer is simple – the time is money. Property consultants save your time, especially if you want to invest in Dubai real estate with maximum benefits. If you are planning to invest in Dubai real estate market make Universal Prime Real Estate your guide. Here are reasons why you should seek help from Universal Prime.


1.Investor’s background 

Universal Prime Real Estate Brokerage is a real estate consultancy which aims to guide those who would like to invest in Dubai real estate. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, you should always get an expert’s advice at any investment stage. Real estate market in Dubai constantly changes, which makes real estate consultants stay updated on the recent market trends. But why would you trust Universal Prime Real Estate when you plan to invest in Dubai real estate? The main and most important reason is that we come from the investor’s background. The owner of Universal Prime Real Estate once started as an investor by investing in Dubai real estate. Doing it at the right time made him build a portfolio, increase income and launch independent businesses. Investments in real estate can cause great losses if you don’t know how to do it in the right way.


2.Market knowledge 

Before preparing a new meal, the chef has to check the exact recipe to know the needed ingredients and procedure to ensure that the end product is perfect. The same rule applies to real estate investments too. Proper market research comes before making any final decision. You want your real estate investment to bring you maximum profit. Make sure that you are aware of all market trends and recent changes. Knowledge is the key. The help of a specialist is a must if you want to make the right investment.



What do you need to know to invest in Dubai real estate market? A number of questions should be answered such as: What is the current market situation? What is the economic situation of the country? What developers can you consider as reliable? What are the new projects, etc.? Many investors do their market research in advance, but nothing can substitute an expert’s knowledge who is working in real estate 24/7. Consultation from a real estate expert is worth a lot. An investor will have updated market information, plus priceless experience of previous deals. Consultants will be able to guide an investor throughout the whole process avoiding all possible mistakes. Investment in real estate, with the help of an experienced consultant, will be done faster, easier, and with the maximum profit for the investor. That is why Universal Prime Real Estate issues regular training for consultants and provides them with all needed updated information related to Dubai rules and regulations. The professionalism of our consultants is our power!


4.Dedicated team 

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. At Universal Prime Real Estate, we chose only the best professionals in the field. We strongly believe that having the right people sharing the same company values are the collective key to success. Only by having the same vision and future goals can team progress and move forward.


5.Variety of real estate projects

What is the one major difference in investing through a developer and a brokerage? The variety of projects. If you are planning to invest in Dubai real estate through a developer – you will be tied up to a specific project and location. When, by investing through brokerage, an investor can pick and choose any real estate project he thinks will benefit him the most- depending on the price, ROI, location and other preferences.


6.Trusted real estate brokerage

Universal Prime Real Estate believes that only hard, consistent work and knowledge share can bring value to the client. Since the very beginning, Universal Prime Real Estate helped a lot of people find their “new” home and invest in Dubai real estate with high returns on investments. We highly value knowledge and believe that quality always prevails over quantity.


7.Ease of the investment process 

What does an investment require? Many people who are new to real estate investments may think that once you transferred the money the deal is done. Nevertheless, it requires additional paperwork and documentation. With the help of a professional, investment process will go faster and easier. As real estate consultants, our task is to ease the process and make it a pleasant experience for our clients.


8.Extra services 

While working in real estate and dealing with many investors, we expanded our services. Apart from providing consultation on real estate investments and helping clients invest with high ROI we go an extra mile providing other related services. Did you buy a property and now want to rent it out? Universal Prime Real Estate will provide a full property management service. If you bought a new apartment and would like to arrange moving and packing – our team can assist you with it as well. By understanding our clients and their needs, we are trying to speak the same language by arranging the required services for investors. Property management, investment consultancy, legal advisory, and many other services are provided by Universal Prime Real Estate. You name it – we have it. A full spectrum of real estate services is only a call away.


9.Future vision 

Receiving benefits from real estate investment always takes time. You should not expect an immediate profit after transferring money for your new apartment. If you are an investor and planning to sell your apartment in order to gain profit be sure that it won’t happen overnight. It is important to know the market, be able to forecast it and understand when the right time is to sell the unit in order to get maximum benefit. All this can be done by professionals who are working in the real estate sector for a long period of time. It allows them to understand the market, know in which way it can change and predict future trends. This information is vital if you want to get the maximum benefit from your real estate investment.



All real estate companies are aware of exclusive offers – when a developer gives exclusive price or a certain number of units with the best view (of a certain project) to a specific real estate company. How does an investor benefit from it? By investing through a brokerage who has exclusive offers of a project, you will get the best price in the market and the best unit with the best view. The most important factor is to have such an agent with an exclusive offer who has exactly what you are looking for, just like Universal Prime Real Estate.


Real estate investment is an easy process, as long as you have the right people to guide you. With the help of Universal Prime Real Estate, your investment experience will be easy, fast and informative.

Contact one of our agents at 04 425 3935 or drop us an email at

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Dubai investments for residency

What gives us a feeling of security? An apartment, stable job or business, our family and the ability to make future plans. All these basic needs are essential if you are living in your country. But what if you are living or planning to move abroad? In this case, the list above should be complemented by one more very important criteria – residency. These are the top essential things which secure our life abroad.

Dubai economy

Dubai shifter into a less oil-dependent country a few years ago. With an amazing growth rate of 6.1% in 2014, Dubai becomes one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It allowed to build trade relations with multiple countries in the world. As a result, it aids its economy. It all leads Dubai government to move towards a relatively diversified economy, improvement of infrastructure and ample foreign assets, according to the Institute of International Finance.

The introduction of 5% VAT further diversified revenues. VAT is a measure that will give more stability.

Investments for residency 

According to the latest statistical data, 3.23 million people are living in Dubai and this number will increase up to 10 million by 2027. Among the main reasons for people to move to Dubai are stable economy, numerous opportunities when it comes to investments, business and career growth. Upcoming Expo 2020 attracted a number of new investors to the city. In order to improve its image as a land of opportunities and take care of those who chose Dubai as an investment destination, its government implemented new rules and regulations. Dubai investments for residency now have few options such as 5-, 10-years residency visa and 100% ownership. According to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, global investors can have 100% ownership of their companies in the country. He the following vision in his Tweet: “Our open environment, tolerant values, infrastructure, and flexible legislation constitute the best plan to attract global investments and exceptional talents. The UAE will remain a land of opportunities. It is the best environment to realize the dreams of humans and unleashes their exceptional potentialities.”

How much should you invest to be eligible for Dubai residency? 

Depending on the number of your investments you can be granted 5- or 10- years visa. Those who own property worth AED 5 million or more will be eligible for a 5-year residency visa. Investors who hold an investment through a deposit in an established company or a business partnership worth AED 10 million or more will be granted a renewable residency visa every 10 years. Others who made various investments of no less than AED 10 million, including property – which must be worth no more than 40% of the total investment – will also qualify for a renewable residency visa every 10 years.

Entrepreneurs who own a project worth AED 500,000 or above can be granted 5 years visa with the further possibility of upgrading it to an investor’s visa. It can be done only if all needed requirements are met.

What are the main benefits of the investor’s visa? 

Apart from getting 5- or 10-years residency visa, Dubai investors will receive a number of other benefits such as:

  • Free entry into the country and residence on its territory;
  • Arrangements for moving to the UAE for members of the family;
  • Opening a personal account in one of the banks of the UAE;
  • Obtaining a driver’s license and insurance in one of the Emirates;
  • Teaching in educational institutions throughout the country;
  • Free entry into the countries of the Persian Gulf and some other countries;
  • Receiving profit and income that are not taxable.


The above article provides full information on Dubai investments for residency and how an investor can benefit from it. But the main question is: “What project to choose to invest in?” This puzzle can be solved by one of our experienced property advisors. Universal Prime Real Estate property advisor can not only suggest what project you should invest in, but also what is the best time for investment including projects with high ROI that you should consider.

Contact Universal Prime Real Estate and let our agents help you in creating a better future for you.


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لماذا جاء الأثرياء؟

ماذا يعنى أن تكون دولة الإمارات ضمن أكثر دول العالم استقطابا للأثرياء, و أن تكون دبى الخيار الأول بين مدن العالم قاطبة جذب أصحاب الثروات؟

ليس من البساطة بمكان أن تنافس دولة أو مدينة عربية دول العالم و مدنها الشهيرة, فى واحد من أهم المقاييس و هو رضى أغنى الأغنياء, و أن تلبى مطالب هذه الشريحة الصعبة المراس و الكثيرة الطلبات التى يعرف عنها أنها “لا يعجبها العجب”. و كيف تنجح دولة موقعها الجيوسياسى فى منطقة تواجه تحديات جمة فى تحقيق إستقرار قل فى نظير العالم, و أن تكون ملاذا أمنا و حرا لأصحاب الملايين و عائلاتهم؟

الأمر كله يدعو إلى تقدير قيادة الإمارات التى تؤمن بأبنائها أولا و بالإنسان الأخر ثانيا, و تعده شريكا فعالا فى الإقتصاد و المجتمع. قيادة تنتهج مبادئ التسامح و ترفع العدل راية, حيث الجميع سواسية أمام القانون.

ما وصلت إليه الإمارات ليس وليد اللحظة بل هو نتاج إيمان و رؤية و عمل و مثابرة, إنه حصيلة حرية الفرد و تفجير الطاقات الإبداعية و رعايتها, إنه نتاج عمل فرق بأكملها نفذت بنجاح رؤية قيادة واعية همها الأول الوطن. سنت الإمارات القوانين ووفرت البنى التحتية الراقية, و قدمت التسهيلات للأعمال, و أطلقت المشاريع الأساسية و الكمالية, و بنت أجهزة إدارية سلسة, ووفرت الأمن و الأمان, و فتحت ذراعيها للجميع فأصبحت أرض الأحلام, و مركزا للباحثين عن الإبتكار و ملاذا للأثرياء و المبدعين.

التقرير الأحدث يفيد بأن دولة الإمارات إستقطبت فى 2018 نحو 2000 من أصحاب الثروات الكبيرة, بينما تصدرت دبى مدن العالم, حيث إجتذبت أكثر من 1000 مليونير, متفوقة فى ذلك على مدن كبرى مثل لوس أنجلوس و ملبرون و ميامى و نيويورك و سان فرانسيسكو و سيدنى.

سمو الشيخ حمدان بن محمد بن راشد أل مكتوم ولى عهد دبى فى تعليقه على التقرير يقول إن هناك عناصر تكاملت جعلت دولة الإمارات محط أنظار العالم نموذجا أمثل للعيش و العمل.

و هذا النموذج اليوم مؤهل للإستفادة من وجود هؤلاء الأغنياء على الأرض, فوجودهم يعكس إيجابا على قطاعات الإقتصاد كافة, وإن كان على رأسها التجزئة و العقارات و الطيران و الخدمات المتنوعة. و من شأن ذلك أن يسهم بقوة فى تعزيز دورة إقتصادية متنامية تظهر فى الأفق.

لكن من أين جاء هؤلاء الأثرياء؟

يظهر تقرير بنك “أفرو أسيا” نزوحا كبيرا لأصحاب الثروات من مواطنهم إلى دول العالم و منها الإمارات, حيث نزح من الصين 15,000 مليونير و من روسيا 7,000 مليونير و من الهند 5,000 مليونير و من تركيا 4,000 و من كلا من فرنسا و المملكة المتحدة 3,000.

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Why Millennials should invest in real estate?

Many of us have certain stereotype when it comes to Millennials, those who were born between the years 1982 and 2000. You can always hear that they are spoiled, lazy, irresponsible, social media addicts, etc. But is it actually shows the real picture?

In many countries Millennials constitutes the majority of country’s population. For instance, in USA Millennials are the largest age group who are hardworking, goal oriented who are getting good job and gaining financial stability very quickly. They are the ones who changing the world trends drastically.

Numbers talk

Millennials are very smart and careful when it comes to big investment. These kind of people like deals and can easily invest in something they really believe in. According to the latest research conducted by Bank of America 1 in 6 Millennials have savings of $100,000 and ready to invest. In 2017, Millennials made up the largest group of homebuyers (34%) and of all Millennials property investors, 66% were first-timers. It makes a lot of sense that they are becoming more and more interested in real estate investments as 85% of Millennials find it one of the best investment opportunities.

Consider real estate investment now.

What are the main benefits for Millennials if they invest in real estate now? Check our 5 top benefits if you are planning real estate investment.

  1. Recovery

Every investor, when they only start this game, face ups and downs. If you failed in your first investment you will recover faster comparing to older investors. Main concern for older investors will be whether it affects their retirement or not, when Millennials can learn fast from their mistake and try again.

  1. Less responsibility

Every door is open for young people. This expression as well as possible describes variety of opportunities for younger generation. And real estate investment opens enormous amount of them. Millennials are active and like to do things fast. Real estate investment may not be considered as a risk as majority of them don’t have family, they are not tied down to a certain location or have countless expenses. All these factors allow them to make the right investment decision.

  1. Decision making

Older investors tent to take time when it comes to real estate investments. They take into consideration all pros and cons, do proper market research and check different options, when Millennials are way faster. They know already what they want and they are not afraid to make the final decision.

  1. Long term investments

Real estate can make you rich – this is out of question, even though it is not a quick process. To reach the maximum return on your investments, you’ll need time. Nothing happens overnight. You’ll enjoy your investment over a longer period of time by getting into it early.

  1. Financial freedom

By investing in real estate when you are young can protect your family from job loss or financial instability. Even if you lose your job, you’ll have money coming in from your real estate investment. Eventually, your real estate will continue making money for you even when you’re not working.


There is no doubt that Millennials are entering into their peak investing years, and their actions should be taken into consideration. Numerous opportunities are available for them, taking into consideration current Dubai real estate market situation, multiple projects with easy payment plans. All this makes investing easier and more accessible.

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How to make an investment in real estate without any mistakes?

Is it easy to invest in real estate? Investment in real estate can be an incredibly easy and profitable venture. But every investor should take into consideration all the risk factors while owning an investment in real estate. Investment in real estate is valuable, so every scenario of what can go right or wrong should be calculated and taken into consideration before making any final decisions.

Property and Market Research 

What should be the base of every successful decision? Proper research and knowledge of the market you are planning to invest in, especially regarding investment in real estate is the basic requirement. When you start considering investment in real estate, knowing all the details of your future investment will only help in surmising whether it’s worth it or not. Market trends and its forecast, future cost of investment, long term investment opportunities and its benefits are all that should be taken into consideration.

Moreover, You should study the property itself for its history, location, surrounding area and the future potential of the area your property of interest is located in. Indeed, creating the whole picture clearly helps in making the right decision.

Setting up your budget 

Before considering any investment opportunity – set up your budget and manage within it. You should know the amount of money you are ready to invest and what can be too much for your pocket. It will allow you to focus on properties within your budget and to avoid exceeding the limit.

Stay focused 

It is a well-known fact that investment in real estate is an emotional purchase. That is why it is essential to stay focused and not get attached to a specific property, building or an area. Doing so will save you from a financial trap as you can avoid the problem of overpaying for the property, not considering future ROI and market forecast.

Always have plan B 

Investment in real estate is a great opportunity either to get passive income or to grow your business. But what if something goes wrong, in the future? That is why you should have plan B in case you need to either sell or rent this property. Identify the best time to sell or rent this property, in order to get maximum profit or at least to get back what you have spent to avoid financial issues. Additionally, such knowledge or detailed action plan will help you keep focused and prepared for an unpredictable future.

Real Estate consultancy 

If investment in real estate is your first big investment and you are new to it – it is always better to use the help of a professional. An expert’s advice can help you to have a better knowledge of the market and recognize how accurate your original estimates are. Universal Prime Real Estate, with their professional property advisors, can provide you all the needed information and consultation in order to choose the best property according to your needs and budget. Furthermore, our property advisors will be able to calculate and give you an estimated ROI based on the current market situation and future trends.

Investment in real estate means stability, growth, passive income and in many cases carefree future. In order to invest in the right property, real estate market knowledge and professional guidance from a property advisor is a must. It will not only be an aide in your decision but also allow you to maximize your benefits by maximizing your return on investments.

If you are looking for advices in such investments – Feel Free to approach Universal Prime Real Estate. We know what to do next.








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How to keep Dubai apartment cold during summer?

What is summer? According to Wikipedia, summer is the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February. But when it comes to Dubai temperature and Dubai apartment – the whole different scenario applies. According to the calendar, summer months in Dubai are May-August. Nevertheless, at times it is difficult to differentiate when the summer season has started already as the temperature does not change much (in between spring and summer).

Image Source:

Summer madness 

Together with the temperature increasement the temperature inside Dubai apartment increases as well. Correspondingly, people start using AC more and more…to the degree when they leave it on 24/7. So what can be done, in order to keep Dubai apartment cold when you don’t want to use AC much? There are some secrets which Universal Prime is ready to share with you.

Whether you’re living in an apartment, villa or townhouse in Dubai, it is essential for you to know some simple tips you can do to make your home summer proof which helps cut down your utility bills.

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Summer tips 

In order to keep Dubai apartment cold throughout hot summer you should follow these tips and make it a habit. First of all, start with keeping your curtains closed. It will keep the area cooler. Another alternative to curtains is bamboo blinds. They block outdoor heat and can keep Dubai apartment cool.

  1. If you don’t want to make such drastic changes to your interior – invest in windows. It can be the right timer to get window tint as it reflects sunlight and keeps Dubai apartment cooler at a lower cost.
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  2. Instead of the AC try using ceiling or air fan. It will keep air circulating 24/7, plus cool the air down and make the area more pleasant for time spending.
    Image Source:


  3. If you can’t imagine your life without the AC – make sure it is clean and has minimum dust inside. Do regular cleaning of the AC filters, at least every month, to make sure it works properly and cools down the air using its 100% capacity.
    Image Source:


  4. Change your bed sheets daily. It will bring some freshness and feeling of coldness into your night.
    Image Source:


  5. Apply a sealant or weatherproofing device, for your Dubai apartment, around all doors and windows to keep the chilled air inside the apartment.
    Image Source:


  6. Unplug all devices, if not in use. It is known that any plugged-in device radiates a certain amount of energy. Get into the habit of unplugging anything that’s not needed.

    Image Source:


Our Dubai apartment is the place where we spend majority of our time. That is why it is important to make sure that we are comfortable and chilled, being at home. Follow our tips on how to make Dubai apartment cold, during summer, and we will make sure that this summer is the coolest you ever had.