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Investment in Dubai real estate with the highest return on investments

What is real estate? Majority of people see it as an apartment which they can call home. Nowadays, real estate gained slightly different image. Real estate is not a luxury anymore, rather an affordable investment. Robert Kiyosaki described real estate investing, in his book titled -“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, in this way: “Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth”. Real estate became not the only measure of security but investment opportunity and prosperity.

When it comes to real estate investments the main factor that we have to take into consideration is the country or the city that you are planning to invest in. Economy and overall political situation of that part of the globe can determine future return on investments. Investment in Dubai real estate is considered as one of the most profitable investments, at the moment. Apart from being one of the fastest developing city with a growing economy, Dubai has a number of other reasons to be considered as an investment opportunity.



Investment in Dubai real estate has always been an attractive investment opportunity for investors and business people from all over the world. One of the main advantages is definitely value for money. By investing in Dubai real estate, you will get exactly what you are paying for, or even more.


No property tax

Dubai is one of the few countries in the Middle East with 0 property tax. It serves a great purpose as it attracts investors from all over the world and creates a great opportunity for investment growth. That is why investment in Dubai real estate takes so much attention from within.


Expat / Tourist destination

Out of the total population of 9.2 million, the expatriates contributed to around 7.8 million with the Emirati Nationals holding a population share of 1.4 million. With a vast demographic variation, there are a varied number of nationalities who form a part of the majority of the expats in UAE especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Due to such a high concentration of expats, Dubai government tries to create enabling environment for their life, work, and property investment. Why is it so important? Here’s why: Expats come to Dubai for quite a long period, from 3 to 7 years, on an average. If the government creates a comfortable environment for them to live in, earn and invest they will stay in the country for longer. It will also boost the overall economy of the UAE.



Unlike most other countries, UAE has a perfect geographical location. It makes it accessible and appealing for international investors. Dubai airport has direct links with almost all the world’s biggest cities. It celebrated its 1 billionth passenger, in 2018. Every year Dubai airport is visited by more than 80 million passengers. These numbers are good indicators of a city’s growth and development. Being one of the main touristic destinations, Dubai has a great base for growth and further development.


Expo 2020

More than 30 million tourists will visit Dubai for Expo 2020, which will be held in October 2020. This event will last for 6 months and bring numerous benefits to the city in economic, touristic, and financial perspectives. What is more, investment in Dubai real estate will be even more attractive due to offers and discounts.



Dubai government implemented, recently, numerous rules and regulations which made an investment in Dubai real estate easier and more attractive. By investing a certain amount into Dubai real estate, an investor will be eligible for the residency. What is more, 100% ownership will be granted to Dubai real estate investors. All these changes make Dubai one of the best destinations for real estate investors.



Compared to London or New York, Dubai has one of the highest return on investments. Return on investment, however, differs as per location of the project. Nevertheless, average ROI, in Dubai, can vary from 8%-12%, compared to 4%-6% in London or New York. Investment in Dubai real estate gives an opportunity to build portfolio, invest, build and grow business.


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