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How to transform your apartment into buyer’s dream?

One of the main goals of every property owner is to sell apartment for the best price and as in the shortest period of time as possible. In order to achieve aimed goal property owners try to get a consultation of property advisors and advertise their property, but all these efforts can bring not very fast results, if you want to sell apartment, urgently.

What are you trying to sell? 

The main reason is that property owners, while trying to sell apartment, concentrating more on the outside marketing and selling controls, forgetting the main point – they are trying to sell apartment, not location, or developer. To take care of the property and make sure that it looks attractive to a buyer is the key. No matter what you do, a great product will definitely find its buyer. So what are those points or implementations that can be done in order to make your property look like a palace and sell apartment fast?

Smart home features. Learning Thermostat. 

So how can a regular apartment be improved and transformed from “We will check other apartments as well”, into “What are the payment details? We want to buy this property”. The answer is simple – make this apartment your own home so that you would love to spend time there. This is the most important rule but not the only one. Smart home features will make your apartment a buyer’s dream. What can be used as smart home features?

Learning thermostat can be controlled by a smartphone, adjust to the owner’s daily routine and change apartment’s temperature accordingly. It can also sense whether there is someone at home or not and use less energy while no one is at home. The feature can really make a buyer’s ears perk up because in addition to its novelty, it could also save serious amount of money. It can lower an owner’s DEWA bills by up to 20%.

Lutron Caseta Wireless. 

Lutron Caseta Wireless is a great solution for those who don’t want to come back into a dark apartment. You can switch the light on by using your phone, control the position of the shades, and even the temperature.

A smart bulb.

A Pulse smart bulb may look as a usual bulb, at first, but it has its own uniqueness. Installed wireless speakers that can be controlled from the phone directly. Since more diverse smart features mean more selling points for homeowners, this could be a great investment for people looking to kill two birds with one stone. Usage of new technologies make you sell apartment within days.

Alarm System. 

People are travelling abroad a lot, that is why it is essential to know that your apartment is safe. In this case there is nothing better than alarm systems. New owners (after you sell apartment) will only appreciate that there is nothing to worry about, while they are away.  One Link security system includes everything from Wi-Fi smoke and monoxide alarms, smart watch, smart tracker (like keys), Wi-Fi safe and programmable thermostat. Another advantage is that all these items can be controlled via iPhone.


Dubai real estate market is a very competitive market. If you do not stand out and offer something different, unique, it will be quite difficult to sell apartment at the best possible price. By implementing this strategy and using all latest hi-tech gadgets your property will be on top of people’s search.


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