Property type: Studio Clear
Rooms Bathrooms Bedrooms Garages Built-Up Contract type Property type Price Location Address
1 1 1 483 Sq Ft Rent Studio 50,000Dhs Best Offer in the Market! 12 Cheques for a Studio, in JVC Dubai
1 1 1 402 Sq Ft Rent Studio 65,000Dhs Cozy and Luxury Studio with the Beautiful View Dubai
1 1 1 400 Sq Ft Sale Studio 688,000Dhs Cozy and Extravagant Studio, with a Canal View Dubai
1 1 1 518 Sq Ft Sale Studio 990,000Dhs Cozy Studio With a Canal View, in Business Bay Dubai
1 1 1 461 Sq Ft Sale Studio 900,000Dhs Luxury, Cozy Studio with Water View Dubai