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How to sell a property

How to sell a property? I guess every sales person had this question at least once in their career. Selling a property or a house comes up with other attributes such as choosing the right property, providing all needed information on the real estate market…but the most important is the closure of the deal, on selling property, and giving this extra service to the client. Did you get interested? Let’s look at each point, separately.

Selling a property is a long, at times complicated process that starts from the moment you meet a potential client and ends when you give him a key from a new property. In the very beginning it is important to keep the client, make him interested and ensure that YOUR property is the only one that will suit the client’s choice. So how it starts?

Leads don’t mean you got a client

Selling process of a property is impossible without a client. In the very beginning you must get a qualified lead, a potential investor (or end user) who is ready to invest into real estate property. At this stage it is very important to create this good first impression so that the client gets interested in your offer. What does it require? Good communication skills, knowledge of real estate market, and a perfect product – in your case property or a project.

Meeting a client. You should be prepared

After you got a lead and had first conversation over the phone – it’s time to meet with your potential client. At this stage all you need to do is to gain trust. Real estate investors and end users are getting more educated and informed on current trends, prices, and future forecasts of real estate market. They will come to meet you with enough knowledge. Your task is to make sure that you both speak the same language. Knowing latest market trends and converting this information correctly will only benefit both sides and bring closure of the deal closer. Usage of the correct information is the key.

Trust is the key

When you are with a client, shine with knowledge on real estate market make sure to gain trust of the client. Use right professional words, be confident while talking with a client, keep your tone of the voice high, provide the right up-to-date information and half of the job is done. After you have gave all needed details on the real estate market and you can see that the client is really interested and ready to invest – the next step comes of choosing the right property. After you know every detail on what your client is looking for, his budget and aim of investing into real estate – your task is to choose the right property. You are right, it PROPERTY, not PROPERTIES. Don’t give the client more than one option. It is important not to confuse the client, not to make him think twice and compare different properties as more questions will rise in his head. You should know his preferences and make the right choice, for him.

Documentation is where an actual selling process starts

After the unit has been chosen, by investor, it is time when the most important part comes – actual sale of a property. On this stage you will face with a lot of paperwork, rules, regulations, payment details, etc. You should be ready to provide all needed papers, to know how the documentation of a sales process goes. You must be extremely careful on preparing all the papers, submitting them, managing payments, due dates (if the client will pay in cheques), etc. knowledge in every aspect of a sales process, whether it is financial, marketing, or any other admin work, will only benefit you. Every extra knowledge, related to sales process, will make you more confident, more knowledgeable, and raise in the eyes of the client.

Think Customer, not Profit

After the selling process of the property is completed you may think that that’s it. Property has been sold, process completed from every angle – time to relax and look for another client. This is the time when customer care service begins. I don’t want to say that you should neglect your client throughout the whole process of selling a property and remember about him only after the sale has been done. Every person likes attention, and in real estate business, with a huge competition, it is important to be different, to provide special service to the client free of charge. This is when small things, small gestures will only benefit the business. After the property has been sold, all papers have been signed – send your client a small present as a “Thank you”, give a call (from time to time) just to ask how things going on. These small gestures make a huge difference as majority of businesses are concerned only on receiving money but not everyone thinks of a client. It’s time to be different – time to put the client first, and not the profit.


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