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Top 5 prime locations to invest in, in Dubai

What are the prime locations to invest in?
What are the main criteria’s when it comes to investing in property, especially in such a developed city as Dubai? Most important factors are location, community, landmarks, and developer. Also, a not less important factor is whether we want to buy a ready unit or an off-plan project? Off plan and ready unit are two different investments with different appreciation and ROI. Now, let’s concentrate on what makes us choose This prime location, and not Another location, as an investment?

Dubai prime locations to be invested in.
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina is one of the prime locations, in Dubai. It is one of the top places investors ready to invest into.
It is rightly called a pearl of Dubai. What is so special about this area and why it is consisted as one of the prime locations, for the investment? Here, at Dubai Marina, in one of the prime locations to invest in, are the newest and most impressive buildings, attractions and places of interest. This area has easy access to the downtown and other popular places, in Dubai, which makes this prime location a good place to invest in.
Business Bay
Why choose Business Bay as a prime location to invest in? This area is developing rapidly which ensures its popularity, and affordable prices for investors. One of the main advantages of investing in Business Bay is location-right off Sheikh Zayed Road, bordering Downtown Burj Dubai area, close to DIFC and the airport. A gradual shift is expected from older business districts towards Business Bay as affordability grows and the new pipeline is delivered. In a couple of years, this area will be transformed in one of the best locations to invest in.
The Palm
The Palm, Jumeirah was originally built as an 8th wonder of the world. Created primarily as a holiday destination, the Palm has a wide array of luxury hotels, predominantly found on ‘the crescent’. Though yields from the property on the Palm Jumeirah aren’t quite as high as those found in Dubai Marina or close to the Burj Khalifa, it attracts many investors from different parts of the world, as one of the prime locations. The average rental return on all property types in the area was 5.59% in 2015. Good start for a real estate investor.
Meydan is considered as one of the prime locations to invest in, as it is a part of Mohamed Bin Rashid City, with its tallest residential tower, longest indoor ski slopes and other world records. MBR city will become a city within a city with Meydan as a part of it. As MBR city developing under control of Sheikh Mohamed, there is no doubt it will have the best finishing. All this, together with the perfect location makes Meydan one of the prime locations for investors to consider.
Jumeirah Village Circle can be considered as one of the prime locations to invest into. JVC area develops rapidly, and consists of very attractive projects with an easy payment plan, to invest into. As JVC’s location, it is considered as one of the prime locations and strategic areas during Expo 2020. Even though this project is not well developed, yet it can be easily reached by Al Khail Road, Sheikh Zayed road, or Barsha road. With huge area and potential to grow, JVC will soon become home to Circle Mall, a number of schools and mosques.

How to choose the right location?
Best investment on earth is earth. Still thinking what location to choose for investment? Contact Universal Prime Real Estate, and we will provide you with the detailed information on Dubai real estate market and the best place to invest into.

Would like to invest in Dubai real estate property? Contact Universal Prime Real Estate and we will advise you on how to invest your money with the minimum risk and maximum benefit!



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Dubai real estate market

Dubai real estate market. 

Dubai real estate market has been an attractive investment field not only for local investors, but for international businessman and investors, as well. Dubai has shown itself as a center of never-ending development and high-tech technologies. Dubai – is a dream land for those who would like to make their money work, and get quick return on investments. Even though Dubai real estate market has slowed down, during last couple of years, its indicators stay stable and about to improve in the next couple of years, just before Expo 2020.

So, what exactly make people look for investment opportunities, in Dubai? Dubai was the first city where Dubai Free Zones have arisen. It gave an opportunity, to foreigners, to invest in Dubai real estate market, and to open its own business without having a local partner. All these factors made Dubai a prestigious real estate market, especially when city started developing actively, when giant skyscrapers started appearing together with luxury villas. However, foreigners still having doubts and not in a hurry when it comes to investing in Dubai real estate. Main problem is that Dubai real estate market has certain limitations, while purchasing a property as the buyer cannot become full-fledged owner and only receives the right for a long-term lease (99 years).

Dubai real estate market changes 

Dubai real estate market has changed in 2002, when Sheikh of Dubai has issued a special decree, according to which foreigners were granted the right to purchase property in designated free hold areas, such as: Dubai Marina, JBR, The Palm, and others. Areas, that have historical or architectural sights are available only for lease. These specific changes in law gave strong impetus to the construction boom in Dubai real estate market, which continues to improve even now.

Three types of the ownership 

It may seem at first, that legislation in Dubai real estate sector is primitive, nevertheless it is not true. It is very important to have a qualified lawyer who can explain the difference between three types of properties, in Dubai real estate market. To have a better understanding of it – let’s have a look at three main property types in Dubai real estate market.

  1. It is specific zones where buyers of a Dubai real estate or land acquires full rights to it and it can be dispose as they wish: sell, lease, grand to their relatives, etc. The most popular areas are: The Palm, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Resident, The Greens, and Jumeirah.
  2. This type of ownership is used when it comes to apartments or other immovable objects with the maintained order. It is beneficial for those who want to have all the rights of the property and land, but do not wish to be responsible for the territory that is considered public. Usually, the process of management of a common territory is made by the Association of Tenants, each of which pays a mandatory monthly contribution.
  3. This type of ownership is different from the freeholder as the holder of the land or property will owe it only when he pays the whole purchase amount and rental amount to its owner. The lease agreement can be short term (20 years) or long term (99 years). When the full amount has been paid, the new owner has the right to transfer it by inheritance, and even to sell.

Dubai real estate market has been an attractive piece of cake for a very long time…and it continues to improve its positions in the world arena.


If you are interested in investing in Dubai real estate market – contact Universal Prime Real Estate for more details.

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How to buy property in Dubai?

In most cases, the acquisition of the real estate market of the Emirate and registration of necessary documents on property is quite simple. Emirate authorities are interested in fast and simple processing transactions to facilitate the purchase or rental process of any type of the property. The parties to the transaction is required only once to pay a fee. The process of buying property in Dubai includes a number of steps, which we will discuss now.

Steps on buying Dubai property

  1. A potential buyer selects the property. It is very important to be sure that the developer or real estate agent has a license granting them the right to sell real estate property to foreign, or local nationals.
  2. The next step is the registration of the transaction of the purchase and sale of property. From the 1st of May 2014 on the territory of the Dubai standardized form of contract has been approved. Dubai Land Department (DLD) has created this form for the settlement of relations between the parties of the transaction and to avoid incorrect reading of the contract. The new form greatly accelerates the process of registration of the property.

A contract (Form A) can be downloaded on the state portal E-mart. In order to complete this form, individuals only need a document certifying the identity (passport) and legal entities needs to provide a certificate on registration, constituent documents, the decision of the Board of Directors about the acquisition of the property and documents of the Trustee company.

  1. First, both parties will draw up a preliminary contract outlining the major provisions of the transaction, such as: price, terms, property description, etc. Then the future owner needs to make a Deposit, the value of which is 10% of the total cost of the acquired property.
  2. Once transaction took place and the contract started having formal legal force, it must be registered at the Dubai Land Department. In the UAE, upon registration Department, all fees should be paid, which is (in Dubai) 4% of the project cost.
  3. After the registration of property transfer to the buyer, Certificate of ownership, as in the case of registration of the constructed object of real estate, the buyer receives a pre-registration of property rights. The conclusion of the preliminary agreement to actual purchase of the property (before the transaction) usually takes no more than 14 working days.

It is well known that 90% of wealthy people becomes so through owning real estate. Contact Universal Prime Real Estate if you are interested in investing in Dubai real estate market.

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Why to invest in Dubai property?

Why to choose Dubai as a place to settle, and buy your own property? Among the fact that Dubai is one of the world’s number one center of tourism – this city develops very fast, with a speed of light. If you haven’t been to Dubai, at least for a year, be sure to notice that the city changed drastically. Apart from the city development – real estate market, in Dubai, is one of the most attractive type of assets due to mature market, stable economy, and high earning yield.

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